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Poverty is the new Pink

von Mario Wimmer

Amnesty International launched a site to rise awareness for global inequality and poverty. The campaigns claim is “Poverty is modern” and aims at the fact that although we live in very modern times today, we are still haunted by quite archaic problems such as global poverty and inequality. It features some supersized pixel art by renowned artist eboy that depicts various forms of human rights violations: police beating up innocents, people starving, soldiers executing oppositians, criminals being hung… all the cruelties that still happen in this world every day. These atrocities where not visible immediatly, they have been concealed (and still partly are) by a veil of 1 million black pixels that could (and can) be removed by users simply clicking on them.

All images: Screengrabs from 1millionclicksagainstpoverty.org

The message is quite straightforward: you can do something, you can make the first step, you can make this injustice visible, by taking action yourself and by alerting your friends to help you.

Go click, go think, go act.

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