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Men who stare like goats

von Mario Wimmer

After all this philosophical gibberish about “exploring” and “discovering” and “humanity” in computer games lately we now turn to the guys in sturdy boots, thight jeans and checkered flanell shirts.

Welcome to Moutain Maniac, welcome to the pixel Hinterland, welcome to the hands-on stuff. Hands-on what? – you ask. Hands on a big hammer with which you break loose giant rocks from the top of a mountain – I say. Giant rocks that rumble down all the mountain’s crest and crush all these tiny bunnys, eagles, huts, yetis, SWAT teams, cars, flowers and deer that happen to stand, sit and fly in their way before they finally destroy the town that naive urbanist weaklings built there.

And this would not be the very best top down flipper on this side of the pixel Niagarariver if you would not get points for all this carnage. And you get a lot of points, and multiplicators and psychedelic colors and then even more points. Oh, did I mention ther’s not only neat retro graphics but also smooth midi retro sounds? So stop reading, stop thinking, rush over to Adult Swim and crush em all!

via superlevel

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